Welcome To Our 4 Square Promotions In Kerala

The 4 Square Promotions are uniquely and specifically organised for the event and promotional industry and offers expert solutions for promoting, led screening, campaigning, led screen renting and election propaganda culture. For many years 4 Square Promotions has been involved in perfecting the 4 Square in LED screen series. The key alliances that used for representation of Lok Sabha seats in Kerala in the 2016 general election in the state of Kerela are the used LED Screen lights are exclusive to 4 SquarePromotions provided these LED’s with great success for a number of years. 4 Square Promotions has been advertising the LED screen series together with Kerela vast product like led screen, hydralic screen van, sound system , promotional van, led screen truck with different type and size of screens etc. department and combined with years of practical experience this has resulted in the ultimate LED Screen solution specifically for the event and promotinal industry. The most powerful and efficient LED Screen Light in the industry up to p10, p4, p6, p8 micromoles - A wide range of LED Screen for campaign and promotion from start to finish - High quality sound system - Superior quality LED screen - Various state promotion experience - Screen holding transport vehicle


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